Some of our recent environmental initiatives include:

  • 260kW of solar panels in the factory and on farms that produced 161,757kWhrs of electricity in 2018
  • 3922kW capacity biomass boilers that have produced 7,152,108 kWhrs of heat for the rearing sheds
  • 1200kW capacity wind turbines that have produced 3,349,457 kWhrs in the last 12 months. 65% of wind power is generated at night when demand is lowest so a significant proportion of it is burned off as heat at substations.
  • The factory site has a 250kW battery store that takes surplus electricity from the national grid at night and stores it for use in the factory at peak times
  • A heat recovery system that can heat 25,000l of water per day This system saves the generation of 90 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year and won a meat industry award for environmental innovation
  • Ultra-energy efficient refrigeration systems are being installed as old systems come up for renewal
  • Waste from the effluent plant is used to generate bio gas locally
  • Litter from the chicken sheds is used to replace artificial fertilisers

The combined output from the renewable technology deployed in our integrated supply chain totals 11,000MW and is enough to power 650 homes.

Biomass boiler

Safeguarding the future

We are currently evaluating straw fired biomass boilers to use the straw from the wheat crops that feed the chickens and are looking into recycling waste water for lorry washing, and irrigating crops.

Our designated Environmental Officer manages a taskforce to ensure that we safeguard our environment for the fourth and subsequent generations of the Soanes family.

For information about chicken's low carbon footprint click here.

Biomass boiler
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