Game - the healthy, versatile and sustainable meat

Game - the healthy, versatile and sustainable meat

We work with a local game processor to bring you a wide range of game products. The range includes all game birds, venison, rabbit and hare plus boneless game bird meat. Pack options include retail and wholesale / catering packs and are available both fresh and frozen.

Game - the healthy, versatile and sustainable meat

Ground Game


Red Deer Venison

Red Deer is sourced from stalking estates in the Highlands of Scotland. Truly wild, they are managed in a sustainable manner and provide the flavoursome meat that is characteristic of wild, Scottish venison. 

Fallow Deer Venison

Not as big as a red deer, nor as small as a roe deer, fallow deer venison is a flavoursome, low fat and versatile meat.

Roe Deer Venison

Roe Deer are considerably smaller than Red Deer and have a mild flavour that reflects their woodland diet.

Muntjac Venison

Muntjac is one of the smallest varieties of wild deer and has a delicious, subtle flavour that is milder than red or roe deer.


Available all year round - young rabbit from July to November and bigger, slightly stronger tasting rabbit throughout the winter. 


Available from 1st August to 28th February.

Feathered Game


Available 12th August to 10th December. Regarded as 'King of Gamebirds', our birds are sourced from the Yorkshire and Northern Dales and their unique flavour reflects their wild moorland habitat. Click on the link for delicious Grouse recipes.

French Partridge

Available 1st September to 1st February. Redleg, or French Partridge has a light and delicate flavour. It is also available in our game pie mix.


Available 1st October to 1st February. Pheasant is a very versatile, mild flavoured game bird that is suitable for roasting and makes great casseroles and pies. 

Boneless Game Bird Fillets

We also have a range of boneless game bird fillets. 


Available 1st September to 31st January. Mallard is a dark meat with a distinctive, but not strong, flavour and is much leaner than domestic ducks. 

Wood Pigeon

Available all year round. Wood Pigeon is a rich, dark, flavoursome meat that is becoming increasingly popular with UK consumers. Be inspired with this recipe for Wood Pigeon Bubble and Squeak.

Our Recipe and Wine Suggestions

Game Recipe Ideas


If you’d like to try ​game, but are unsure how to cook it, ask your butcher for advice or, for recipe suggestions click on the link below

Game Recipe Ideas
Pairing Game and Wine by Soanes


Take a look at this link for some suggestions about which wines work well with game.

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