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Christmas cockerels and other festive fayre

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Soanes Poultry offers a wide range of fresh poultry and game for your Christmas dining table.

We specialise in producing large Christmas Cockerels. These birds are grown on our Yorkshire farms just for the Christmas market and deliver a large table bird of 5-11+ lbs (2.5-5.0+kg).

Orders are taken during November through wholesalers, butchers and farm shops. Please call us on 01377 217243 for details of your nearest stockist and please check last ordering dates with your retailer to avoid disappointment.

Our Christmas range includes:

  • Great Taste award-winning Yorkshire Christmas Cockerel - 2.5kg to 5.0+kg
  • Great Taste award-winning Yorkshire Christmas Cockerel Crowns 
  • Grove Smith English Rose Turkey - 4kg -11kg
  • Grove Smith English Rose Turkey Butterflies and Saddles (backbone removed)
  • Madgett's Free Range Goose 4kg - 7kg
  • Madgett's Free Range Duck 2.4kg+ and 2.6kg+
  • Pheasant
  • Partridge
  • Mallard
  • Venison 
  • Game pie mix

About Soanes Poultry's Yorkshire Christmas Cockerel and Christmas Cockerel Crowns

Our Yorkshire Christmas Cockerel Crown was awarded a prestigious gold star at this year’s Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste awards. The judges said: "A very attractive looking crown. A lovely aroma. The texture was delightfully soft, moist and juicy and packed full of flavour."

Last year, our whole Christmas Cockerel was also awarded a gold star, with the judges commenting: “The chicken looks very moist and indeed lives up to its looks. There is a gentle gaminess in the aroma and the meat, giving a depth and intensity to the flavour.”

Our grain fed cockerels are grown for flavour on the Yorkshire Wolds by the Soanes family and enjoy high welfare standards.

About Grove Smith Turkeys

Family business Grove Smith Turkeys has been producing turkeys from its own farms for over 40 years and has built up an enviable reputation for high quality birds that are backed up by good service. The birds are fed on home grown cereals and are reared in an environment with low stocking densities, plenty of sunlight and attention to detail on welfare issues. Grove Smith's control of production from ‘plough to plate’ results in tasty birds that have been awarded ‘Best British Turkey’ for the last two years.

About Madgett's Ducks and Geese

Madgetts Farm Goose and Duck has been carefully reared in the natural surroundings of hills overlooking the Wye Valley. The birds can roam free over the fields and at night are kept in purpose built well ventilated barns. They are fed a natural diet of cereals supplemented with minerals and vitamins. No growth boosters or antibiotics are used in their diet. When they come to maturity they are dry plucked and traditionally finished ready for the table maintaining the tradition of the bird giving it an excellent flavour.